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Grand Manan Island Genealogies

Ancestor Photograph Page

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This will be the main access page to pictures of our ancestors on GMI.  Anyone who has pictures of any ancestors from GMI are encouraged to send them as an attachment on an e-mail to me.  In order to be placed on this page there are a few limitations to qualify in order to conserve on web space as pictures tend to take up a lot of room.  Send pictures to the following address.

Website Owner

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1.  The person or persons need to have lived on GMI in their life time.

2.  I need to put a limit on dates, nothing after 1930 please.

3.  As complete personal information as possible, e.g. birth date, death date, parents, and spouse.  This will make it easier for others to identify common ancestors.

4.  I prefer photographs to be in JPG format, but any common format will do as I can convert to JPG with my Paint Shop Pro program.

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The Photographs

Sarah Elizabeth Moses   Allen Leopold Moses    Bedford Roy Moses  

Florence Lydia Smith, Mary Alcott Smith, and Helen Louise Smith

Rebecca Meigs Ingersoll   Harriet Benson McCoy McDonald

Anson Meigs Ingersoll   Captain John Ingersoll and his grandson, John Ingersoll Robertson

James Warren Small   William Leonard Small   Julia Caroline Small

Edward Preble, Mary, and Easton Green   Jane (Driscoll) Wilcox

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