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Descendants of Joseph Moses



Generation No. 1


1.  JOSEPH1 MOSES (1779 - 1852) died Unknown.  He married MARY HENSON(1882 - 1852).  She died Unknown.



2.                i.       JOHN THOMAS CHISELDEN2 MOSES, b. January 10, 1810, Chelmsford, Essex; d. March 30, 1885, Grand Manan, NB,  Canada.



Generation No. 2


2.  JOHN THOMAS CHISELDEN2 MOSES (JOSEPH1) was born January 10, 1810 in Chelmsford, Essex, and died March 30, 1885 in Grand Manan, NB,  Canada.  He married MIRIAM ANNA MOSES July 04, 1839 in Rowan (Marvel) Island.  She was born July 12, 1817 in Sundridge, Kent, and died April 07, 1884 in Grand Manan,  NB,  Canada.


Children of JOHN MOSES and MIRIAM MOSES are:

3.                i.       (REV.) THOMAS WILLIAM3 MOSES, b. December 08, 1849, Bangor, ME; d. October 08, 1928, Durham, ME.

4.               ii.       JOHN RUSSELL MOSES, b. March 16, 1852, Bangor, ME; d. February 27, 1936, Grand Manan, NB.



Generation No. 3


3.  (REV.) THOMAS WILLIAM3 MOSES (JOHN THOMAS CHISELDEN2, JOSEPH1) was born December 08, 1849 in Bangor, ME, and died October 08, 1928 in Durham, ME.  He married JANE LETITIA LEWIS May 04, 1875 in Centreville, NB, daughter of HENRY LEWIS and ELIZABETH JOHNSON.  She was born May 13, 1853 in Centreville, Carleton Co., New Brunswick, and died October 05, 1925 in West Pembroke, ME.


Children of THOMAS MOSES and JANE LEWIS are:

                   i.       EDITH BLANCHE4 MOSES, d. Unknown.

                  ii.       MARY LAURA MOSES, d. Unknown.

                 iii.       WILLIAM THOMAS MOSES, d. Unknown.

5.              iv.       HENRY LEWIS MOSES, d. Unknown.

                  v.       MINNIE JANE MOSES, d. Unknown.

                 vi.       FLORENCE LORENA MOSES, d. Unknown.

                vii.       WALTER CLIFTON MOSES, d. Unknown.


4.  JOHN RUSSELL3 MOSES (JOHN THOMAS CHISELDEN2, JOSEPH1) was born March 16, 1852 in Bangor, ME, and died February 27, 1936 in Grand Manan, NB.  He married LYDIA D. LEWIS January 04, 1877, daughter of HENRY LEWIS and ELIZABETH JOHNSON.  She was born September 03, 1857 in Centreville, Carleton County, NB, and died October 02, 1920 in Grand Manan.


Children of JOHN MOSES and LYDIA LEWIS are:

6.                i.       SARAH ELIZABETH4 MOSES, b. August 28, 1877, Grand Manan, NB; d. December 17, 1931, Grand Manan, NB.

                  ii.       ALLAN LEOPOLD MOSES, b. September 04, 1881, Grand Manan, NB; d. March 23, 1953, Grand Manan, NB; m. MABEL CLAIRE GUPTILL KENT, March 26, 1936; b. March 27, 1880, Woodward's Cove, Grand Manan; d. June 04, 1966, Saint John, NB.

                 iii.       BEDFORD ROY MOSES, b. April 14, 1884, Grand Manan, NB; d. September 01, 1906, Drowned at Grand Manan  (age 19 yrs.).



Generation No. 4



5.  SARAH ELIZABETH4 MOSES (JOHN RUSSELL3, JOHN THOMAS CHISELDEN2, JOSEPH1) was born August 28, 1877 in Grand Manan, NB, and died December 17, 1931 in Grand Manan, NB.  She married WILLIAM ALCOTT SMITH Abt. 1903.  He was born September 20, 1858 in Springfield, IL, and died April 01, 1914 in Nantucket Island, Grand Manan, NB.



Birth date on 1901 census is 15 Aug 1878 (age 22)



Birth date on tombstone states Apr 15, 1915 but Bangor

News lists date as shown.


Children of SARAH MOSES and WILLIAM SMITH are:

                   i.       FLORENCE LYDIA5 SMITH, b. May 13, 1904, Grand Manan, NB; d. December 30, 1935, Gardner, MA; m. RALPH J. SWIFT, Private; b. Private.

                  ii.       HELEN LOUISE SMITH, b. December 01, 1909, Grand Manan, NB; d. October 26, 1992, St. Stephen, NB; m. FREDERICK ELDON FRYE, April 16, 1932, Grand Manan; b. August 14, 1905, Back Bay, NB; d. January 06, 1964.

6.              iii.       MARY ALCOTT SMITH, b. August 06, 1914, North Head, Grand Manan, NB; d. August 05, 1970, St. Stephen Hospital.



Generation No. 5


6.  MARY ALCOTT5 SMITH (SARAH ELIZABETH4 MOSES, JOHN RUSSELL3, JOHN THOMAS CHISELDEN2, JOSEPH1) was born August 06, 1914 in North Head, Grand Manan, NB, and died August 05, 1970 in St. Stephen Hospital.  She married RAYMOND JOSEPH WILSON May 20, 1933 in Grand Manan,  NB, son of WILLIAM WILSON and THERESA MCALEENAN.  He was born August 27, 1904 in Digdeguash, NB, and died May 16, 1974 in Blacks  Harbour, NB.


Children of MARY SMITH and RAYMOND WILSON are:

7.                i.       WILLIAM ALLAN6 WILSON, b. Private.

                  ii.       SARAH ELIZABETH WILSON, b. Private.

                 iii.       RAYMOND JOSEPH WILSON (JR.), b. Private; m. JOAN THERESA ALICE WOODS, Private; b. Private.




Joan Wilson