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Plant Field Cemetery

Supplied by Mary O'Neill

Transcribed by Ken Carrico


A Publication of the Grand Manan Genealogical Society

Vol. 2 No. 1                  Grand Harbour, New Brunswick                  June, 1981

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I have taken the liberty to add known dates, which were not in the original information,  to some of these names.  The added data is highlighted in red.

Persons buried in the Plant Field, Seal Cove (no tombstones)

Bill Plant                                                                                             3 Oct 1838 / 3 Oct 1882   

Donnie Plant                                    

Charlie Plant

Peter Plant

Elsie Plant                                                                                          ------------- / 16 Jan 1874

Joseph Plant                                                                                    1792 / 11 Jan 1884

Alice Plant                                                                                        1802 / 25 Nov 1896                                                                                 

Willie Plant                                                                                       1829 / 30 Jun 1834

Samuel Plant                                                                                      12 Apr 1831 / 3 Jan 1865

Jane (Plant) Wilson, Levi Wilson's wife                                       19 Apr 1903

Walter Phelps                                                                                    1880 / 1886

Mrs. Martha Plant                                                                            1877 / 13 Feb 1923

Also a number of Babies

This informantion was supplied by Mary O'Neill and was found among her mother, Carrie (Harvey) Daggett, record's.

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