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I have had a few misconceptions about the Family Data Files.   Please note that these files for the most part are files that other people have graciously sent to me to load on this website for the benefit of those who are just beginning their own research.  This is not to say that these files have been 100% verified.  As in ALL information on anyone found anywhere, the rule of good genealogical researchers anywhere is always, always, verify, verify, VERIFY.  Keeping this in mind, the files you will be looking at should be viewed as guidelines and clues for your own research.  Some may undoubtedly find errors, or feel like they have been misrepresented.  If you find errors or that there are missing people, PLEASE feel free to contact me with the additions or corrections so that I can edit the files.   Please keep in mind that I do not have the time to verify all files sent to me to load on this site.  If I tried to do that, I would not have time to do my own research, let alone keep this site up to date with fresh material.  With co-operation from everyone, we can all help each other do what we all enjoy the most, GENEALOGY!   It is not the intention of this website to misrepresent any family lines or embarrass anyone at any time.  I have also removed the names and e-mail address's of those who submitted each file.  This had caused a few problems for some. 

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The Family Files

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