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The Family Data Files


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Added 2/12/2000 image2.gif (1120 bytes)   Arthur Alfonso Bagley was born March 22, 1857 in Machias, Maine, and died June 22, 1918.  He married Maria Cheney Morse in 1875, daughter of William Morse and Alice Cheney.   She was born March 27, 1860 in Whitehead Island, New Brunswick Canada, and died June 08, 1948 in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Added  4/07/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Moses Bagley-1827 of the United States  Moses Bagley was born in 1827 in the United States.  His wife was Mary -------, last name unknown.  They had 6 children known at this time.   He died in 1884 on G.M.I. 

Updated  6/25/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Nathaniel Bancroft-1755 of Massachusetts  Nathaniel Bancroft was born in 1755 in Massachusetts.  He married Susannah Cheney.  They had 6 known children, all of which were born on G.M.I.  He died in 1835 on G.M.I. 

Added  5/14/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Daniel Bass-1810 of_____   Daniel Bass was born abt. 1810 in Unknown.  He married Jane Coddington in 1837 on G.M.I.  They had 9 children. 

Added  5/14/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Amos Beal-abt.1834 in U.S.A.   Amos Beal was born about 1834 in the U.S.A. and died in 1900 on G.M.I.  He married Marietta ______ and had 5 known children. 

Added  5/24/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Unknown Bell Unknown Bell.  The first records of the Bell surname on G.M.I. were of a Robert Bell and his sister, Margaret who married into the Daggett family. 

Updated  6/12/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Caleb Benson-1755 of Massachusetts Caleb Benson was born on 22, Nov 1755 in Massachusetts.  He married Ruth Brigham and they had 9 children together.  There are desendants listed in many places. 

Added  5/20/99image2.gif (1120 bytes)Charles Bleumortier-1785 of Sweden Charles Bleumortier was born in 1785 in Sweden.   He married Mary Wormell of Maine on G.M.I. and had 12 children. 

Added  5/20/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)John Boynton-1843 of United States John Boynton was born in the United States in 1843.  He married Annie Ellison and they had 9 children. 

Added  5/20/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Stephen Bradbury-1822 of the United States  Stephen Bradbury was born in 1822 in the United states.   He married Nancy Foster of G.M.I.  They had 2 known children.  

Added  5/15/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Lowell Brown-1883 of Campobello Island  Lowell Brown was born in 1883 on Campobello Island and died in 1963 on G.M.I.  He married Jessie Beal and had 8 children.   See Amos Beal file above. 

Added 5/12/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)William  Brown-1771 of Scotland  William Brown was born in 1771 in Scotland and married Ann _____.  They had 4 known children.  Most of the Brown descendants on G. M.I. come from this line.  There are many descendants on G.M.I. and elsewhere.  

Added  5/24/99image2.gif (1120 bytes)Abraham Burnham-1807 of New Hampshire  Abraham Burnham was born in 1807 in New Hampshire.  He married Catherine Belmore and they had 12 children.  Most of their children were born on G.M.I. 

Added  5/28/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Silas Card-1800 of Newport Township, Nova Scotia  Silas Card was born in 1800 in Newport Township, Nova Scotia and married Esther Henry.  He died in 1896 in Ontario.  They had 11 children any many descendants scattered everywhere. 

Added  8/19/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Martin Carroll - abt. 1790 of Ireland  Martin Carroll was born in Ireland and came to Grand Manan.  He married Susannah McFarland.  They had 1 known child whom the desendants in this file are from. 

Added  5/24/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Rev. George Cary-1823 of Ireland  Rev. George Cary was born in 1823 in Ireland.  He was married twice and had 10 children. 

Added  5/12/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)William Cheney-1741 of Massachusetts  William Cheney was born Sept 8, 1741 in Massachusetts.  He married Elizabeth Sweet and had 13 children.  The descendants of this union were many on G.M.I. and elsewhere.  For more generations backwards from William contact Lori Randolph and she will assist you. 

Updated  6/12/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Samuel Cossaboom-1765 of New York  Samuel Cossaboom was born in 1765 in New York.  His parents went to Digby, Nova Scotia when he was a small child.  He married Mary Stark and they had 9 children.  Many of which ended up on Grand Manan Island. 

Updated  5/1/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Joseph Cronk-1750 of New York  Joseph Cronk was born abt. 1750 in New York.  He first came to Digby, Nova Scotia sometime between 1772 and 1776 with the loyalist movement.   It is not known at this time who his wife was.  He had 6 known children.   Several of them moved to G.M.I. and had many descendants. 

Readded 12/30/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Mark Daggett-1768 of USA  The Daggett family is a large family on GMI and still has many family members still there.  At the end of the data file is a link to Deborah Daggett's web site.

Added  7/17/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Abraham Dakin Sr. of Digby, Nova Scotia  Abraham Dakin was born in 1808 in Digby, Nova Scotia.  He married Catherine Lamson of Lubec, Maine.  Both died on Grand Manan Island. 

Added  5/24/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)John Dalzell-abt. 1817 of Ireland  John Dalzell was born abt. 1817 in Ireland.  He was married twice.   All 8 known children were from the first marriage.  

Added  5/15/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)William H. Dunbar-1839 of Nova Scotia  William Dunbar was born in 1839 in Nova Scotia and died in 1922 on G.M.I.   He married Mary Ann Stone and had 9 children. 

Updated  5/6/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)William Ellison-1814 of England  William Ellison was born in 1814 in England.  He married Margaret Green daughter of William Green and Sarah Cronk in 1837 on G.M.I.  This file has recently been updated with information from Karen Small. 

Added  5/12/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Frederick Foster-1760 of New Hampshire  Frederick Foster was born on August 23, 1760 in New Hampshire.  They had 7 children, one of them was Asa who this line descends from.  There are numerous descendants on G.M.I. and elsewhere.  

Updated  2/12/2000 image2.gif (1120 bytes)William Gray-of G.M.I.   William Gray was born about 1728 in New York.  This file has been updated and has new information. 

Updated  5/8/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)William Griffin-1769 of Grand Manan Island William Griffin was born abt. 1769, place unknown.  He was first located in Digby, Nova Scotia where he married Julia Ann Cronk, daughter of Joseph, in 1802.  He had 7 known children, 4 born in Nova Scotia and 3 on G.M.I.  He came to G.M.I. around 1810 and died there. 

Updated  5/1/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Joseph Green-Abt. 1740 of Grand Manan Island Joseph Green was married to Hannah Griffin.   Their birth and marriage information is not known.  They were first located in Digby, Nova Scotia, and believed they came there around 1783.  At this time there is only 1 known child, William Green.  William married Sarah Elizabeth Cronk, daughter of Joseph, in 1789.  They had 8 known children. 

Added  4/07/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)William Lee Greene-1833 of England  William Lee Greene was born in England in 1833 and died on G.M.I. in 1916.  He married Spophia Jane Meigs in 1856.  They have 5 known children.   These Greene's are not related to Joseph Green above.  

Added  4/04/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Thomas Guptill-1650 of Wales  Thomas Gubtail was born in 1650 in Wales.  He was married to Mary Abbott.  Generation #3 of this large data file has references to G.M.I. in the children data.  Several of them were located on G.M.I.  Descendants were wide spread. 

Updated  5/1/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)John Landers-1798 0f Grand Manan Island  John Landers was born in 1798.  He married Mary Ann Griffin daughter of William.  They had 1 child and Mary died shortly thereafter.  There will be an update of this file as new information has been recieved that needs to be entered.  This will trace the Landers family back several more generations.

Added  3/4/2000 by image2.gif (1120 bytes)Harry Edgar McDowell  Harry Edgar McDowell was born 30 Apr 1883.  He married Sarah Beatrice Tidd in 1908.  They had 9 children with many descendants.

Added  3/4/2000 image2.gif (1120 bytes)James Middleton  James Middleton was born in 1782 in Digby, Nova Scotia.  One of his grandchildren, Robert, moved to GMI and began the line of descent there.

Updated  2/12/2000 image2.gif (1120 bytes)John Morse-1769 of Massachusetts   John Morse was born in 1769 in Massachusettsand died before 1850 on G.M.I.  He married Polly Castle in 1789 in Massachusetts.  There are 8 children listed for this family, 6 whose names are known.  Descendants in this family moved along with the Sprague families to and from Maine.

Added 1/10/2000 image2.gif (1120 bytes)John Thomas Chiseldon Moses   John was born 10 Jan 1810 in England.  He married Mirriam Anna Moses on 4 July 1839.  This is a very large family file which was highly edited by family request for privacy issues.  PLEASE feel free to contact Joan if you are interested in knowing more or adding to this file.

Updated  5/1/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Isaac Newton-Abt. 1770 of Grand Manan Island  Isaac Newton married Susannah Cheney in 1797 in West Isles, New Brunswick.  There are 2 known children at this time.  More information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Added  10/20/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Joseph Ramsdell - 1810 of Maine  Joseph Ramsdell was born in 1810 in Maine.  He married Sarah Jane Wilcox of Nova Scotia.  They had 4 boys and 2 girls.  They moved to Grand Manan Island where he bought a saw mill.  Joseph married a 2nd time after his first wife died.  His 2nd wife was Annette Ingalls of Lubec, Maine.  This is a new file and others are encouraged to help Paula fill in the gaps.

Added 1/4/2000 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Charles Randall - 1800 of Addison, Maine There appears to be two Randall lines both in Cutler and on Grand Manan. There was a Burnham Randall who married a Benson on the island which to my genealogical evidence is NOT related to Charles Randall.   I have yet to make the connection but logically I find it very difficult to believe that there could be two unrelated Randall clans living in the same little town in Maine in the early to mid 1800's.  Please contact me via my e-mail link above with any additions or corrections.

Added 8/20/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes) William Russell - 1769 of U.S.A.  He was a Loyalist, the son of Jacob and Elizabeth Russell of Connecticut who first settled in Kingsclear above Fredericton,NB. He married Eunice Harned, daughter of Loyalists Alward Harned and Sarah Flewelling of Fredericton. The Harneds were from Woodbridge, New Jersey and the Flewellings from North Castle, New York. William was a surveyor and moved his family to Grand Manan about 1829. For information further back on Harned and Flewelling contact Suzanne to share data. 

Updated  5/6/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)"Unknown" Sinclair of Scotland  This file contains the downlines of 2 sons, John and Edward.  Both had descendants on G.M.I.  This information came from 2 sources:   Karen Small and April King

Added  8/19/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)John Christian Small of Wanfried, Germany  John was a disbanded Hessian soldier of German descent who came to the Digby, Nova Scotia area after the revolution.  He had 3 known children.  Some of his descendants came to Grand Manan Island and can still be found there. Special thanks to V. Spurr for his help with this file.

Updated  5/1/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Samuel Small-1786 of Grand Manan Island  Samuel Small was born in 1786 in Maine and died 1865 on G.M.I.  He married Sylvania Sprague in Maine around 1805.  They had 7 known children.   Descendants are many in the G.M.I. area and Maine.  The Smalls were very intertwined with many other G.M.I. families.

Added  9/19/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Eathel Smith - abt. 1795 of New Brunswick  Eathel Smith m. Eunice Morse about 1814 at West Isles, Charlotte Co.,New Brunswick. This marriage probably took place on Grand Manan Islandwhich was not a Parish until 1816. Up until this time Grand Manan was part of the West Isles Parish. Circumstantial evidence points to a James Smith as the father of both Eathel and Elisha Smith, who both married daughters of John & Mary (Castle) Morse ( Eunice & Martha "Patty" Morse respectively. )  James Smith probably came to Grand Manan with the Thomas Ross Movement from the Mt. Desert Region about the year 1799. Although not been proven James Smith was probably of the Biddeford,Cumberland Co, ME area before his removal to that area of Mt Desert that eventually became the Trenton & Lamoine townships. In time I hope to establish the  ancestry of James Smith who died on Grand Manan in 1835. 

Updated  5/1/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)John Sprague-1755 of Grand Manan Island  John Sprague was born 1755 on died in 1846 on G.M.I.  The Sprague line will be updated as new information has been obtained which will go back several more generations.

Added  5/8/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Job Stanley-1851 of Grand Manan Island  Job Stanley was born on 24 Aug 1851 on G.M.I.   He married Catherine Griffin, daughter of William Griffin and Elizabeth Urguhart on 1873 on G.M.I.  They had 7 children and many descendants.

Added 6/25/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)John Tatton of unknown   This family file has stepped back several generations as there are many descendants located not only on Grand Manan but many other places in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.   Generation 3 is the beginning of the G.M.I. data.

Updated  5/1/99 image2.gif (1120 bytes)Charles Watt-Abt. 1770 of Grand Manan Island  Charles Watt was born abt. 1770, place unknown at this time.   He was first located in Digby, Nova Scotia where he married Mary Thomson in 1788.   His son, Charles came to G.M.I. and descendants were many.

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